10 November 2014


Helloooo! I am loving the colours of autumn at the moment! Granted, we have had some pretty miserable weather here in England, but boy does it look amazing when the sun shines!

This morning, I went out on an errand and I was amazed by the glorious sunshine and crisp blue sky. It seemed to echo into everyone's good mood. Absolutely perfect.

On my way back, I picked up some lovely red roses, and after getting my fingers copiously pricked by a crowd of thorns, I managed to display them in my living room. Look at those beauties!

One of them has a pink discoloration at the tip of a petal. It doesn't show that much in the pic below but it's a lovely little accident, I thought.

Despite the slightly colder temperature, the front of our home is still blessed with some pretty blooms... 

...and although the rose bush has now seen better days...

...there is still the odd rosebud valiantly popping its head here and there!

Indoors, on top of work, I have been busying myself with more crochet projects than I should embark on, but definitely loving every minute of it.

I have a sole wrist warmer from this pattern...

The other one has been in the making for a while, and I have actually completed a pair in another yarn, which I need to blog about soon.

And there's the usual riotous pile of WIPs in my shoe box/Basket/crochet corner by the sofa.

I have also been doodling a bit, inspired by Isabelle Kessedjian's amazing ballpoint pen drawings. This one below is the basis of an ongoing project.

And on this note, my dearies, I shall say my goodbyes. :)

Take care, and many thanks for reading!


  1. I need a little piece of this sun here!!!
    Beautiful pics and beautiful wool warmers

  2. Thank you Miss! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Hope you do get some sun today! Marie x

  3. Lovely autumnal photographs. You seem to have so many WIP. So do I!! Love the doodle and do not know about Isabelle. Off to find out more...

    1. Thank you, Selma! I always have a gazillion WIPs around. IT can be a little overwhelming, but it also keeps it interesting, don't you think? I love Isabelle K.'s work, she is one seriously talented lady.