30 November 2014

One More Little Gift Bag

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine seems to have gone in a flash! It began with birthday celebrations for a friend of mine. That was just the excuse I needed to make another little gift bag. My friend loves purple, and when I found a pack of purple beads at the local store where I did the beaded crochet workshop, I immediately knew I would present her with them in one of my little crochet bags.

I had a multicoloured Lang yarn in my stash with - most importantly - tinges of purple in it, and off I went. 

And so, ta-dah!

The yarn I used was lace, so I had to use a much smaller hook size than usual - 2mm - and the bag took longer than the others to whip up, due to those tiny stitches, and the fact that there were quite a lot of beads to cram into it!

I did the ruffling with trebles, unlike the last bags I'd made, for which I used UK double crochets. I love how each row came out a different colour. The last row is made of UK double crochets in a lilac cotton DK yarn, which helped stabilised the ruffles and gave a nice accent to the whole thing.

Here you can see the open top of the bag. I made a chain out of the lilac cotton yarn and threaded it through one row of alternated treble, chain 1.

And finally, I decorated the ends of the drawstring with a few colour-coordinated beads.

And that's it, yet another cute little bag... And I'm sure it won't be the last!

Thanks for reading, peeps, and have a good week!