25 November 2014

The Gift of Cake

Someone I know recently had a birthday - which feels like about half the people I know at the moment! Anyway, trying to keep in line with my "no shop-bought" policy, I decided to gift them a cake, but not a just an out-of-the-oven one. Rather, inspired by this recipe, I packed all the dry ingredients in a jar, flour, brown sugar, white sugar, chocolate chips, ground almonds, cocoa powder and chopped almonds...

 ...printed out a personalised recipe card and attached it to said jar with a string of crochet:

And voilà! An easy, thoughtful birthday gift that went down a treat and delighted its recipient!

Have you ever done this as a gift? Would you do it? I plan on doing it for Christmas as well. Let me know your views on this! :)

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!



  1. Done that as a gift before, equally well received (though without the crochet string, obviously). It was a cookie mix, if I remember well.

  2. I have always wanted to but never managed to do it. Think you may have helped me to give this a go for Christmas. Thanks !