07 January 2015

Granny Wednesday - Back to the Skirt

After all the holidays excitement, it's now back to the Skirt, which has grown quite a bit since the last update. I originally thought that after that many rows, it would be finished, but after trying it on, it seems that a few more rows are definitely needed, so this is not the last you've seen of it!

As always, don't forget to go to Jijihook's to see what the others have been up to granny-wise.

And also, tonight, #jesuischarlie <3 <3 <3


  1. j' adore je suis de très près cet ouvrage il est juste superbe bravo a bientôt sur nos blogs

  2. This is beautiful! Hello from a new follower :) I love the colours, and the idea!!

  3. j'adore toutes ces couleurs, trop trop belle <3

  4. j' attendais toujours la finalisation c' est vraiment très sympa bravo pour cette jupette biz