21 January 2015

Wednesday Grannies - A Future Tutorial

Hello everyone! Well, this hasn't been the most productive week granny-wise, mostly due to unwanted man-flu germs treacherously passed onto me by mean co-workers.

So instead of presenting you with a tutorial for the edging of my Blanket, I can only produce a teaser of said tutorial. A future tutorial, or a tutorial-to-be, if you like. Anything but an ex-tutorial. Oh dear, please excuse my appalling sense of humour.

Ahem, moving on swiftly. Here are this week's pics:

Here you are, folks, thanks for reading and see you soon with hopefully a complete tutorial! :)

For more granny squares, head this way to Jijihook's.


  1. That's a super nice edge!
    And I like the brightness of these colours!
    Looking forward to the tutorial :)

  2. So flashy, it's very nice ! Seems like tropical fishes and coral to me, make me want to swim...

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  4. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! :)