20 January 2015

The Final Christmas Gift - Crochet Wall Art

Hello, my dear readers! This post is the final installment of the Christmas Gifts Showcase Series. This particular gift started with one single ball of Noro yarn, out of which I made circles of varying sizes and colours. 

When I made the circles almost a year and half ago, my original idea was to sew them onto a big crochet bag. But time went by, and the circles remained tucked away in their tin box, as no crochet bag ever materialised.

Recently, I thought about the project again and realised that a bag might not be the best way to showcase the layout I had come up with, and from then on I knew that the circles would become part of a wall art piece. Then I decided I would make a Christmas gift out of it.

So let's have a look:

I sewed all circles on a large piece of cream felt with invisible thread. I had a little bit of a nightmare using the invisible thread because it is, well, invisible, and therefore very easy to lose sight of, especially when you belong to the blind-as-a-bat species... Anyway, I managed to do it in the end, and put the finishing touch to the project by adding a row of blanket stitches and slip stitches all around the felt rectangle. Ideally I should have waited to take pictures until AFTER I'd blocked the piece, but daylight was fast dwindling unfortunately. So, sorry about those wrinkles!

Here are some pictures of details:


And this concludes the Christmas Gifts Series! About time as well, since this is nearly the end of January :D

Thank you for reading anyway, and see you soon for more crafty adventures!

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